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We're a generation that craves hassle-free options that are flexible, straightforward, and sustainable. At Lynk & Co, being bold is in our DNA, and we're constantly challenging ourselves to give you the complete freedom to move when and where you want.

Latest Lynk & Co news

Lynk & Co introduces better mobility for businesses

With Lynk & Co for Business, employers can get a fleet of premium, fully equipped 01s. Every 01 comes with the same standardized (awesome) features, which means that they can be used inte...

Lynk & Co delivers first cars in Europe to the world champions of the Dutch Short Track Team

The first Lynk & Co 01s in Europe are officially on the road! And it’s not just anyone in the drivers’ seats.

Lynk & Co does world’s first digital test drive for the introduction of the 01 car

Starting in Spring 2021, a brand-new mobility solution will hit the streets of Europe, as the Lynk & Co 01 car is finally here. We invite journalists to join us for “Carpool Interviews”, ...