Lynk & Co releases 2022 Sustainability Report

Lynk & Co’s 2022 Sustainability Report just came out. And while we know that, as a mobility service provider, we are part of the problem, we are taking bold steps to reach our sustainability targets. From our 01 plug-in hybrid’s life cycle to ethical business, from CO2e emissions to gender diversity, from car utilization to inspiring sustainable lifestyles, Lynk & Co approaches things holistically. Explanations.

Global problems, holistic solutions

We built our sustainability strategy on three pillars: sustainable mobility, climate action and better business. While transitioning to electric vehicles is a key step, we have a bigger picture in mind. One that includes the full life cycle of the car. By increasing car utilization through sharing, we can reduce the need for individual cars and free up space in our cities for greener, welcoming urban landscapes. And mobility is just one part of the sustainable lifestyles we aim to inspire, all while taking care of our partners, teams, and members.


Towards sustainable mobility… and lifestyles

Car use and car sharing are at the core of sustainable mobility. The use of our car sharing platform increased significantly between 2021 and 2022, even though it is still in beta version – things are looking encouraging for the future. But we also believe in mobility inclusion: that’s why we launched Driving Change, an initiative to help people with fewer opportunities get a driver’s license. At our Clubs – Lynk & Co’s alternative to traditional dealerships – we showcase the 01, but we also offer a carefully curated selection of sustainable, inspiring products by independent partner brands, with the aim of sparking sustainable behaviors beyond mobility. Upcycled clothing or sustainable luggage, anyone?


Fighting for the climate

Tailpipe emissions are an important part of the car industry’s climate impact. We only offer electrified vehicles – stay tuned for our first fully electric model in 2024! However, that’s not enough to call yourself sustainable: production and utilization emissions have to be tackled as well. This includes our value and supply chains as well as our operations. In 2022, we transitioned to 100% renewable electricity in our car manufacturing plant in Yuyao, China, saving 14,000 tons of CO2e emissions. We are working on increasing the part of recycled materials in the car, as well as on our first ever Life Cycle Analysis for the 01. All these actions support one of our key goals: reaching net-zero emissions by 2040.


A better way to business

Our way towards open, responsible business starts at home, with a strong Equity, Diversity and Inclusion strategy. We are making progress from gender balance to gender diversity to better including our team members who identify beyond the gender binary. And it doesn’t stop there: we work at closing pay gaps within our workforce, and we have invested in outside resources to ensure that all our employees, in all our markets, have access to the support they might need.


In the words of Alain Visser, Lynk & Co CEO and founder:

“Sustainability is at the core of our company. We don’t just want electrified cars – we want new behaviors, sustainable mindsets, inclusion, and a better urban space for all.”


A long road lies ahead – what’s next?

In 2023, we will focus on strengthening both our car sharing platform and our gender diversity. In 2024, our first fully electric car will be introduced the market, leading the way to offering 100% fully electric cars in the future. 2025 is our big year for renewable energy, with a goal of 25% for tier 1 suppliers and 100% for battery production.


Want to know more? Get a taste of our sustainability actions in our 2022 report summary! You can also dive into the full report for the complete picture.

About Lynk & Co

Lynk & Co was created to provide mobility solutions for the connected generation. We do make really, really good cars (the kind that has all the features you want without you having to ask for them), but we also offer a new way of using those cars. With a flexible range of car ownerships, we continue to push evolution, towards meeting the needs of our cool-consumers on their own terms.

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