Lynk & Co’s 01 wins the 2021 Marie Claire Sustainability Award

The awards roll in for Lynk & Co's revolutionary commitment to sustainable mobility

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We're making space in our cabinet for our first trophy made from recycled materials! After kicking off the year with a 2021 MUSE Design Awards, the Lynk & Co 01 has once again been named #1 in the automotive segment for the inaugural 2021 Marie Claire Sustainability Award in the UK. Winners were announced at the first carbon-neutral virtual award ceremony on Monday 19 July.


The 01 took the win with accolades from a jury of professionals within the sustainability and purpose-driven business sector. A panel of 40 notable experts, thought leaders, activists, and members of the Marie Claire UK editorial team assessed submissions and ultimately selected the 01 as the Best Green Emission Initiative.

At Lynk & Co, sustainability is not just a high-level corporate value, it's a real commitment that includes everything from the design of the car and business model to the building materials of our Clubs. We're proud to be recognized with this award, and we look forward to continuing our journey towards more sustainable mobility.  Alain Visser, CEO of Lynk & Co

While the automotive industry has made technical leaps for cleaner, greener engines, Lynk & Co goes a step further with uncompromising design and sustainability elements throughout the entire car. For example, the 01 is the first car in the world featuring seats made of ECONYL®, a material made of recycled fishing nets and other waste material. Yep, no leather seat options here.


Beyond the car, Lynk & Co’s innovative, membership-based approach enables more efficient car use. Most cars are only in use 4% of the time, spending the rest of their time sitting parked like metal statues. The 01 includes a built-in sharing platform that allows members to send a digital key to friends, family, and other members when they aren’t using it. This reduces individual car ownership, uses resources better, and frees up valuable urban space for green initiatives.

Notes to Editors

Note: Entries has be judged on: innovation and uniqueness in the market, environmental accreditations, end to end sustainable practices and methods, including and not limited to: ingredients, materials, supply chain and packaging, and fair labour. 

The automotive segment was divided into 5 categories : Best green emission initiative, Best ethical initiative, Best sustainable interiors, Best electric car, Best eco car app.

The jury consisted of :

-    Joanna Abeyie MBE (Founder & Managing Director, Blue Moon and Co-Secretariat for Creative Diversity APPG),

-    Dr. Marta Antonelli (Head of Research, Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition),

-    Christina Archer (Sustainability Adviser),

-    Erin Baker (Editorial Director, Auto Trader),

-    Grace Beverley (CEO and Founder, TALA & SHREDDY),

-    Bettina Campolucci Bordi (Chef & owner, Bettina's Kitchen),

-    Noëlla Coursaris Musunka (Founder & CEO, Malaika),

-    Busola Evans (Interiors Journalist & Associate Editor, Livingetc),

-    Giles Gibbons (Founder, Good Business),

-    Penny Goldstone (Fashion Editor, Marie Claire UK),

-    Karen Hamilton (Global VP Sustainability, Divisions, Unilever),

-    Ally Head (Health, Sustainability and Relationships Editor, Marie Claire UK),

-    Sophie Hellyer (Founder of Rise Fierce and co-host of Two's Company Podcast),

-    Valeria Hinojosa (Founder Water Thru Skin LLC, Intu Rituals LLC, Lifestyle with a Conscience, Yindah Foundation),

-    Annick Ireland (Founder & CEO, Immaculate Vegan),

-    Kristen Kammerer (Founder & CEO, Gen E),

-    Charlotte Keesing (Director, Walpole),

-    Millie Kendall MBE (CEO, The British Beauty Council),

-    Jessie Macneil-Brown (Head of Global Campaigns, IKEA Retail (Ingka Group)),

-    Sunil Makan (Editor-At-Large, Marie Claire UK & Deputy Editor, My Imperfect Life),

-    Aditi Mayer (Photojournalist, Labor Rights Activist, Sustainable Fashion Blogger),

-    Clare McDermott (Business Development Director, Soil Association Certification),

-    Alice Moore (Global Purpose-led Brand Building Director),

-    Amy Nelson-Bennett (Managing Director, Positive Luxury),

-    Ingrid Newkirk (Founder, PETA),

-    Lisa Oxenham (Beauty & Style Director, Marie Claire UK),

-    Victoria Prew (CEO & Co-Founder, HURR)

-    Jenny Proudfoot (Features Editor, Marie Claire UK),

-    Ruby Raut (CEO & Co-Founder, WUKA),

-    Holly Rains (Digital Editor, Marie Claire UK),

-    Ella Robertson McKay (Managing Director, One Young World & Co-Author, How To Make A Difference),

-    Lauren Sharp (Fashion Sustainability Consultant),

-    Myriam Sidibe (Chief Mission Officer, Brands on a Mission),

-    Jayn Sterland (Managing Director, Weleda UK),

-    Katie Thomas (Senior Beauty Editor, Marie Claire UK),

-    Andrea Thompson (Editor-in-Chief, Marie Claire UK),

-    Sara Vaughan (Chief Purpose & Sustainability Advisor, Marie Claire International),

-    Harriet Vocking (Chief Brand Officer, Eco-Age),

-    Ele Ward (Head of Marketing, CoGo),

-    Dilys Williams (Director, Centre for Sustainable Fashion).

About Lynk & Co

Lynk & Co was created to provide mobility solutions for the connected generation. We do make really, really good cars (the kind that has all the features you want without you having to ask for them), but we also offer a new way of using those cars. With a flexible range of car ownerships, we continue to push evolution, towards meeting the needs of our cool-consumers on their own terms.

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