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This is not a car press release: Lynk & Co’s new film reimagines mobility.

With our new campaign, we challenged ourselves with a question: When is a car not a car? 

Sure, with the 01, Lynk & Co covers all the standard (and not-to-standard) car essentials: four wheels, an engine, etc. But there’s also so much that defies the traditional experience of a car. 

Lynk & Co launched in Europe in the autumn of 2020 with our 96% campaign, in which we explored the possibilities of using cars more efficiently, creating communities, and making mobility more sustainable. The Not A Car campaign is a follow-up to 96% where we show how Lynk & Co answers this call for innovation, offering flexible mobility made for modern life.

Both 96% and Not a Car were directed by Caroline Koning (recent work includes campaigns for Nike, Wrangler, Roberto Cavalli) and created in collaboration with international creative agency Halal. We’ve been lucky to connect with Halal’s network of talented creatives, and have worked with photographers/directors Karen Rosetzsky, Lotte van Raalte, Anna van 't Hek and Mea Dols de Jong on campaigns and projects since our launch.

The Not a Car campaign is a new stage for Lynk & Co as we make this bold idea into a reality. We’re happy to have been able to work with some incredible creatives to bring the Not a Car campaign to life, and we’re so excited to share our vision for the future of mobility with the world. Robin van der Kaa, Head of Creative at Lynk & Co

With Lynk & Co, there’s no haggling over prices or negotiating for features; there’s just one, standard, awesome configuration. You don’t need to read insurance brochures or sit in a cold mechanic’s shop every time you need maintenance; we’ll handle all the details and servicing, so your experience is smooth. And you don’t need to let your car gather dust and take up space; you can share it with friends, family, and neighbors whenever you want with just a couple taps. 

So, when is a car not a car? When it’s so much more.

About Lynk & Co

Lynk & Co was created to provide mobility solutions for the connected generation. We do make really, really good cars (the kind that has all the features you want without you having to ask for them), but we also offer a new way of using those cars. With a flexible range of car ownerships, we continue to push evolution, towards meeting the needs of our cool-consumers on their own terms.

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