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Lynk & Co delivers first cars in Europe to the world champions of the Dutch Short Track Team

The first Lynk & Co 01s in Europe are officially on the road! And it’s not just anyone in the drivers’ seats. Who are the lucky first members to get their cars? Well, we found people who share our dedication to community, excellence, and stretchy outfits: The Dutch athletes in the KNSB Short Track Speed Skating Team.

The Dutch National Short Track Team, or The KNSB Short Track Speed Skating Team, are athlete superstars in the Netherlands and in the global ice-skating community. They are also the very first people in Europe to receive their cars, and they’re no stranger to coming in first—they got their 01s just days after taking home gold in the ISU World Short Track Speed Skating Championships 2021, hosted in Dordecht, NL on March 5-7. As an official sponsor of the competition (and unofficial cheer squad), we are so proud to support them and be a part of their community.

It’s an exciting milestone for us to deliver our first cars in Europe, and we can’t think of anyone better than the KNSB team to be driving them. We’ve been cheering them on all year, and we can’t wait to see the adventures that they go on with their 01s. Robin van der Kaa, VP of Marketing at Lynk & Co

Lynk & Co has been partnered with KNSB Short Track Ice Skating Team since the start of the 20/21 season, working to support them and now, provide mobility solutions for the team. The partnership is based on our shared values - the importance of community, sharing and always moving forward. They’ve received three cars to share among themselves, which should be pretty simple given the 01’s built-in car sharing platform.  

Community and teamwork are everything to us, and we’re proud to include Lynk & Co in the KNSB family. The 01 is a great car and the team is looking forward to using it for getting to practices, competitions, and more.  Suzanne Schulting, World Champion KNSB Short Track Ice Skating Team

The team may be the first to get their 01s, but they will find themselves with plenty of company soon enough. Our easy-to-share, all-inclusive cars are on their way to be delivered to our members, starting with members on our waitlist and then on to new sign ups. New members can also take the 01 for a spin with test drives available from our Gothenburg and Amsterdam Clubs.

About Lynk & Co

Lynk & Co was created to provide mobility solutions for the connected generation. We do make really, really good cars (the kind that has all the features you want without you having to ask for them), but we also offer a new way of using those cars. With a flexible range of car ownerships, we continue to push evolution, towards meeting the needs of our cool-consumers on their own terms.

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